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Guide to surf sheds and board racks

shed surrounded by surfboards

Finding the right shed for your surfboard

shed surrounded by surfboards

Size matters when it comes buying the right shed for your surfboard. Living in a city with a small yard, my two main requirements are height and security (from my kids). My shortboards are both over 6 foot and mini mal is adds another 2 foot to the plan. The space is too narrow rack them horizontally so a tall shed is the only option.
tall shed for surfboard

Surf shed for your stick

If you know your sheds, the pent tool shed is tall with a flat roof rather than having a pointy steeple where the boards end up in the middle. The problem is finding one with enough height. I finally found one big enough for a surfboard, a 10×3 with no windows for stray footballs, and secure enough to lock the kids out. Comes with a free erection service (see image below).
shed instructions

Horizontal surf rack for your quiver

The next challenge is the surf rack. The Alexey Surfboard Rack is a free-standing and holds from 3 to 8 boards vertically. You can download the instructions and the advised material is birch plywood with a rope floor and back to protect rails of your boards.

Alexy surfboard rack

Metal Ocean Earth surf rack

Ocean Earth Free Standing Surfboard Rack is designed to hold 4 surfboards in an upright position and doesn’t require any DIY skills to assemble. The materials are aluminium with EVA foam padding to protect the boards.
ocean earth surf board rack

Classic Woody surf rack

The Woody Free-Standing Surfboard Rack stores either 5 or 7 boards with fins and will fit snuggly in your shed.

woody surf rack

Store Your Board single stick holder

If you’re flying solo the Store Your Board is rubber coated metal for most board types, good for the living room too.
single stand surfboard holder


Protect Board metal rack

Free-standing, the Protect Board Rack has three lengths small, medium, large, board straps included.

protect your board surf rack

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