Touchscreen pen for cold fingers

The cold finger menace

cold fingers from surfing

After a classic winter surf at Watergate Bay bracing the ice-clean 6 foot green walls of Atlantic power, what’s the first thing I do on reaching the car?
a) Reach for the flask?
b) Towel?
c) Instagram?

The answer is powered by pure green-ego. Capturing the dream and broadcasting via Instagram is a habit that goes ahead of health and safety. The adrenaline is no match for the reality of frozen cold sausage fingers, out-smarted by a smart-phone screen. I may have well used an elbow or knees to better effect. Or rubbed my forehead against the screen as nothing useful was happening. Asking a stranger to unlock my phone and take a picture was one thing, asking them to share on Instagram was just stupid.

Zombie Cold fingers

Consumer Reports named this malady zombie fingers, a comprimising situation where your fingers overload technology with useless commands that render the device useless to the operator. The problem is not solely a condition of chilly water sports, guitar players and carpenters with heavily calloused fingers often find touchscreens a nightmare.
Promotional pen for touchscreens

Pen Power to the rescue

Not wanting to miss another bragging moment of classic surf, a remedy for this useless affliction was required. Space Odyssey 2001 dramatised how early man may have first used tools, smashing each other and big cats with primitive effect. This monkey-man moment was a low budget affair powered by a gentle tapping of a special screen pen with a soft end otherwise known as a Mythic Stylus Pen.
Moral of the story is be prepared. Touch screens don’t work when your digits are as cold as a dead banjo players. Either invest in some decent gloves, give up surfing or ween yourself off the black screen.

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