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Surf Hand Plane | Europe’s Surf-Surrealists

Surf Hand Plane

Are surf hand planes the alternative surf culture in 2013?

Surf Hand PlaneDriftwood Collective recylces scrap skateboards into the new wave of Surf Hand Planes. DwC is one of the many alternative communities that exists outside of the today’s “brand centric” surf culture. They make films, recycle, surf and then magically combined all three elements into ’30 Days Without Surfing’ ; a short hand plane surf film with a Steven Hawkings-esque voice-synth narrative. Backed with a three track score, this 6 minutes of bliss is the dream! A unique extra-dimensional offering of surf-art-culture filmed not in California but Portugal… Just watch the film, then read the interview with Henrique for the Driftwood Collective

“We start building treasure out of waste…” birth of the surf hand planes

I caught up with Henrique from the Driftwood Collective aka DwC…
Can you tell me more about the “alternative surf culture” of Europe. There’s a real passion for’ old school boards’ in the UK; from belly boarding to riding wooden twin-fins?
“Our perception is that the alternative surf culture in Europe is still very incipient. On one hand the vast majority of surfers we know have the WCT as their main reference, they surf aggressively and rarely try anything other than a thruster; one the other hand the offer of artefacts or surf related culture actually produced in Europe is still very small. We listen to music from San Francisco, dream about Californian or Australian boards, and buy imported trunks. Even if some good shapers are popping up here and there, we’re always following what’s being done overseas… We think things are slowly starting to change. We went to Salinas festival and got very impressed by the amount of people it moves. But then again, for best and worst, Portugal is in the western end of Europe and winds of change take time to reach us…”

How long does it take to build the surf hand planes? Where can I buy one (thinking about Christmas presents)?
“Our handplanes are built usually during a day! But then they take a few coats of natural oil, therefore allowing a few more days for them to fully dry up! We have some in stock with different shapes. We are also about to open our online shop, but if you are interested we can get one to you. They cost 45€+Shipping costs, no matter of what shape you go for!”

What next – another surf film?
“Currently we are setting up our online shop, that should be up and running in a couple of weeks. Also, we are in the process of moving to a proper workshop. There we plan to set up both a work station but also a showroom where people can come in a see/buy our products (the surf hand plane)and see the creative process closely. We have also some collaborations/projects coming up, but for now they have to stay confined to our little room, but news will follow very soon! And, of course… 2013 will see a new short-film by the DwC, hopefully one that will give us as much pleasure as “30 Days Without Surfing” did.”

Just watch the film…. xxx

30 Days without Surfing from Driftwood Collective.

Perfect playgound for your surf hand plane…

surf hand plane

Recycle and Surf…

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  1. Good find on the scrap surf video. The surfer / woodworker featured in this clip is Ed, the bass player from the band “thrice”. He made the bass he plays as well.

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