Surfing On Sine Waves

Polygon Window was the pseudonym of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin! First released back in January 1993 on Warp Records.

By chance, a year or two before its release, I was at the Bowgie Inn, Crantock; a country pub hidden within a labrinth of country roads near the binge-capital of Newquay. I remember feeling the bass through the table as I paid my £3. Fans of Whithnail and I may recall the phrase; “I’m going to install a jukebox and liven you f~ckers up!”

The landlord, influenced by a cultural vibe of lively dancefloor entertainment, had turned his business into a dancefloor. The pub, gutted of furniture had walls painted with fluorescent aliens on skateboards. Above the braffin, the horses collar with a boy-scout display of horse brass, a flower-strobe poked spears of coloured light through the fog onto a shoal of lost, gasping faces. A young long haired Mr Richard D. James was DJing alongside MC Master Bater (sic.) and “banging-out-the-hardcore” (remember those phrases?). During an ambient break between the ordinance of beats, the landlord rang ‘last-orders’ and we were all back out on the street by 11.15! Cruel…

Anyway, it’s Christmas. The first person to email me the location of the photo on the album cover below will recieve a copy of the CD, Surfing on Sine Waves! Fill in the comments box below, I won’t publish your email address. The Chairman’s decision in final. Get swotting..

Polygon Window Surfing on Sine Waves

View from my living room

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