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Spare Us The Cribbar – Endless Winter Episode 1

The Cribbar, Cornwall

Birth of UKs Big Wave Surfing Scene, Newquay’s Cribbar

Birth of big Wave Surfing at Newquay’s Cribbar circa 1966. Vintage surfer Roger Mansfield reflects on the day Britain’s cold slice of the Hawaiian dream became a reality. Wetsuits hand’t been invented. All you needed was a pair of shorts and rather large Niagras’ (Niagra-falls).
The Endless Winter Episode 1 – The Cribbar is the first installment of a retrospective  journey around Britain’s rich surfing heritage. Will keep you posted!

The Cribbar, Cornwall
Chris Bertish gets barrelled! The Cribbar, hitting peaks of up to 30ft, was first surfed in 1966 by three Australians. The Cribbar forms over a shallow reef off Fistral beach and creates a steep grinding peek. The wave takes its name from the rocks on the western edge of Towan Head and works when a low spring tide combines with a south-east wind. According to photographer Kerstin Frinke: “These kind of conditions happen only once a year if you’re lucky.”

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