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Surf Nation interviews Chairman of the Board

surf soundtracks. surfing film. surf music
surf soundtracks. surfing film. surf music
Anyone can do that, mate...

“You Just Ride Waves, don’t you?” Times Online October 24, 2007

We can all be who we choose to be, and one man who certainly seems to have done just that is Rowan Chernin – the man behind the superb Chairman of the Board CD. I posted a while ago on this and have now discovered a little more about Rowan. He first surfed on The Gower in 1988. Thereafter, in his own words:

“I immersed myself in surf culture and discovered the VHS bootleg world of the vintage surf movie – and have been hooked ever since! I spent years looking for the original soundtracks to these films. Some were never released while others were more expensive, because of their limited edition release, than a weekend break in Spain. I approached Harmless Records in 2004, they listened to my CD of ropey recordings taken directly from the films and said they loved it. Heard nothing for two years. Then someone called me back, said they found it in the bottom of a cupboard that was being cleared-out and wanted it released for summer 2007.”

Then came a meeting with Death In Vegas

“In a nut-shell this was a live music and film event that I directed and co-produced in conjunction with The Barbican. I wanted to combine three classic surf films – Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, Liquid Time and Morning Of The Earth into one 90 minute epic. The aim was to capture the essence of surfing rather than the industry of surfing. It was a self-indulgent art project on the scale of ‘everybody has a book inside them’, I just happened to have three films, a modern-day soundtrack and an idealistic vision of the surf film as a cognitive, transcendental window to drop-out through my spare time. (Maybe I watched too many Mr Ben’s…) It was edited and mixed live by the magic hands of visual artists Flat-e with an original score performed live by Death In Vegas. 

I’m still amazed that I convinced The Barbican to pay for all this. Also got the chance to programme a day of surf films which included Land Of Saints (a Cornish surf movie), Riding Giants – the definitive history of big wave surfing – and Dogtown and Z-Boys, which documented the infamous skaters who took their attitude from the beach and revolutionised skating.”

Somehow, at the same time as he was obsessing over Chairman of the Board, Rowan was also one of the founding editors of Loaded. As he says: “I was Music and Clubs editor during the heady days of Brit-pop and superclub culture. I had the time of my life – and I’m still recovering. Assignments used as a foil to get to the beach – what a job…”

by Alex Wade author of Surf Nation

Chairman Of The Board Surf Soundtracks 1964-1974 Tracklisting

1. San Ho Zay [From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun]
2. Junkyard [From Crystal Voyager]
3. Big Green [From Children of the Sun]
4. Hollywood [From Crystal Voyager]
5. Dream Chant [From Morning of the Earth]
6. Ground Shuffle [From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun]
7. Innerspace [From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun]
8. Sitar Track [From Children of the Sun]
9. Evolution [From Evolution]
10. Transparent Dream [From Super Session]
11. Coming of Dawn [From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun]
12. Changes [From Crystal Voyager]
13. Sea the Swell [From Morning of the Earth]
14. Drainpipe [From Super Session]
15. Bellyboard Beat [From Children of the Sun]
16. Animal Kingdom [From Super Session]
17. Crumple Car [From Innermost Limits of Pure Fun]
18. Gypsy Shoes [From Crystal Voyager]

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