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Chairman Of The Board with Death In Vegas at The Barbican

Chairman Of The Board

Chairman Of The Board featuring Death In Vegas At The Barbican April 30th 2005

Chairman of The Board – When we were asked if we were interested in producing a visual set based on three of the most groundbreaking surf films of all time, which were to be accompanied by a live score freshly written by electronic duo Death in Vegas and put on in the main hall of the Barbican Center in London, we positively jumped at the chance. The films in question were ‘Morning of the Earth’, ‘The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun’ and the aptly named ‘Liquid Time’.

True the titles themselves are absolutely ace but the films themselves are definitely worth checking out. Even if you’re not a surfing fanatic these films hold magical qualities. Filmed in ways which formed an early blueprint for surf films (and skate/snowboard etc films for that matter) they are important historical documents which are highly relevant when you consider how much this genre of film has influenced the culture of today. That is not to say that these films aren’t amazing just to watch. Anyone who is prepared to strap a 16mm camera to his back and hit the sea on an airbed instantly gets my respect.

Chairman Of The Board – a rollercoaster ride through fuzzy stone rock to electronic drone

The gig itself was great. I personally think that the energy of the night perfectly captured the mood of the films. Death in Vegas’ score was spot on going on a rollercoaster ride through fuzzy stoner rock to electronic drone. We tried to keep the footage as pure as possible to keep the feeling of the original films intact, opting to limit ourselves to only use transitions and effects that would have been available at the time that the earlier films were made. We were very happy with the results. The Barbican crowd were also great and fears of angry surfers clobbering us for messing with the Holy Grail soon vanished and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Extra thanks to Chairman of the Board Rowan Chernin whose original vision and passion carried the whole event through from start to finish (and congratulations on the birth of his son ‘Jimi’ who was born literally straight after the show).

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Chairman Of The Board
View of The Barbican stage above Death In Vegas© Copyright Flat-e Ltd 2011
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